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We at gammon springs make sure that you fall in love with your work and workplace. Our objective is to make all gammonites self fulfilled. You work to make your life enjoyable, we work to make your work enjoyable.



Men's Singles
Winner - Mr. Ashutosh Inamdar
Runners Up - Mr.Chaitanya Sharma

Wome's Doubles
Winners - Ms. Sweta Chaturvedi & Ms.Sofiya Banu
Runners Up - Ms. Archana Gokarn & Ms. Prerna Ajay
Women's Singles
Winner - Ms. Sweta Chaturvedi
Runners Up - Ms. Sofiya Banu
Men's Doubles
Winners - Mr. Chaitanya Shrama & Mr. Krishan Choudhary
Runners Up - Mr. Ashutosh Inamdar & Mr. Vishal Nakate
Match Referee - Mr. Abdul Nayeem
Mixed Doubles
Winners -Mr. Asutosh Inamdar & Ms. Karishma Gupta
Runeers Up - Mr.S Manikandan & Ms. Sweta Chaturvedi
Match Referee - Mr. Abdul Nayeem